Things That Make Me Feel Happy

Hey guys:) I meant to post this yesterday but I had quite a few things I needed to do and the wifi stuffed up so I wasn’t able to type it up. But hey, better now than never hehe.

Anyway so I’m going to list a few things that make me feel (really) happy. I just feel like showing this to you all, just because why not, and who knows, maybe we might have some things in common:P

  1. Reading – I find it so relaxing and honestly, who doesn’t love a good book:P
  2. Blogging – I love being able to share my thoughts and being able to talk to new people and it’s cool that I get to read about your lives and what you have to say:)
  3. Playing sports – especially running, netball and tennis:)
  4. Taking photos – I love that I can “capture the moment”, and it’s nice looking through all my old photos and seeing how much things have changed. Sometimes it makes me a bit sad (looking through them I mean) but I do like it. And I love it when I take a great photo:D
  5. Listening to Hamilton – Omg. This is probably the best musical I have ever listened to, I’ve been obsessed with it for the past 10 months XD
  6. Sleepovers (especially with my best friend April Girl) – they’re always so fun! (Well except for one – okay a few – when I was on the phone to my boyfriend the whole time – I still feel bad).
  7. Rainy days – I don’t know why but I really love them
  8. Playing the piano – I’ve wanted to learn ever since I first heard Mum playing  (which was before I was even born but I guess it would’ve been when I knew what a piano actually was XD). Anyway I finally started getting piano lessons last year and I had one just an hour ago:)
  9. Drawing/colouring pictures – I find it so relaxing ahaha and they (usually) look so nice once they’re done
  10. Talking to my crush/boyfriend – I sometimes have to remind myself that we’re actually going out (even if it has almost been a month lmao). He makes me so happy and I really love talking to and being around him. We’ve been super close since year seven and nothing is ever awkward when I’m with him, which I find pretty great because I’m usually super awkward when talking to boys:P
  11. Yummy food – Do I even need to explain this?
  12. Disney movies – I love them
  13. Long, quiet walks – I enjoy having time to myself, away from all technology and people and I can just think about anything without interruption haha. Plus fresh air is never a bad thing:)
  14. Seeing other people smile/laugh – Especially if I’m the reason they are smiling XD

Anyway, I’ll end it here because I need to get ready for school (which starts tomorrow by the way!!) and my little brother wants me to play the x-box with him:P

Also, do you guys like Ed Sheeran’s new songs?? I really do:)

Until my next blog xx



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