My Goals for 2017

Now I know it’s almost February… but I haven’t blogged in ages and I figured I should write down some of my goals for this year just so it’s “out there” and hopefully ends up motivating me:P I won’t write down why I want to achieve them though as it would probably end up going on forever XD.

  1. Go outside more often and spend less time on my phone 
  2. Gain weight, healthily (I hope to get to 55-58kg)
  3. Be more positive and have more confidence
  4. Save some money
  5. Exercise more often
  6. Read 20+ books
  7. Be more organised and motivated at school
  8. Practice playing the piano more often
  9. Get my L’s
  10. Eat healthier amounts of food
  11. Get a B or higher in at least five different subjects
  12. Keep my hair healthy 
  13. Go for a run or walk
  14. Stay calm
  15. Meditate more
  16. Blog more
  17. Reach 100 followers on my blog:P

Anyway, I hope I can achieve most (if not all) of these goals by 2018, and I hope that you can achieve your goals too. 

Until my next blog xx


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